Is it possible to see or feel PROTEK on my device screen after it has been applied?

Because it is a product based on NANOTECHNOLOGY, once applied it is not possible to see PROTEK with the naked eye, as it adds a transparent protection layer of only 0.07 mm. But rest easy, he’s there protecting your screen.

Is it possible to remove PROTEK after it has been applied?

Once applied, PROTEK cannot be seen, sensed or perceived. We call this condition “intangible”, that is, it is there, but it can only be detected through a microscope. For this reason, there is no need to remove PROTEK, since it is not only invisible, it does not influence the operation or the sensitivity of the screen at all.

Can I apply PROTEK and still apply a traditional glass film?

Yes, there are no restrictions on applying a film on PROTEK. You can even apply PROTEK on a glass film.

How long does PROTEK last, after how long do I have to reapply the product?

PROTEK guarantees that after the correct application of the product, it will be protecting your screen for up to 24 months, significantly reducing the chance of risks, and acting with its properties ANTIBACTERIA and RADIATION REDUCTION EMITTED BY THE DEVICES. Some people use their devices with more intensity. In any case, it is not necessary to reapply PROTEK again within 12 months of the first application.

What exactly is PROTEK's Antibacterial action?

“Tests prove that tablets and mobile phone screens have 30 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl.” With the increasing use of these devices in our daily lives, we inevitably end up being more exposed to the contamination of these bacteria. PROTEK has an antibacterial action that eliminates 99.9% of the germs that are under the screen of your device and doesn´t allow them to reproduce, practically eliminating the possibility of your cell to spread bacteria in the environment that you attend, protecting your health and your relatives.

And Radiation Reduction, how does it work?

The effects of radiation emitted by mobile phones still divide opinions among scientists, but it is a fact that there is an impact on our body especially in the last years where the use of these devices has become increasingly intense. Science still studies hard to try to come to conclusions about how this radiation can impact our health in the medium and long term. In anticipation of this, due to its additional layer, PROTEK has the ability to reduce the radiation emitted by the devices by up to 92%. This reduction in the medium and long term, depending on the results obtained by science, may even save lives.

Does PROTEK guarantees that my screen will not scratch or break?

No. After applying PROTEK on your screen, we guarantee that it will have a stiffness of 9H hardness, equivalent to the hardness of a diamond. But even diamonds break depending on the situation. Let us explain better:
With PROTEK applied, your screen will be more resistant against scratches or impacts. However it is impossible for us to control all the environments of the users where the fall or misuse of the device occurred. For this reason we always suggest the use of a protective case on your device. PROTEK helps protect your screen, but if your phone or tablet falls on the ground and the point of impact is the edges of the device, this impact will be from the outside to the inside, which means the impact force will reach your screen through Of the force generated by another part of the device that “unwittingly” will reflect on the screen and break it.
Situations like the one described above are responsible for most breaks in the cell phone screens. So in addition to PROTEK, we always suggest the use of a protective case.

I applied PROTEK, my cell phone dropped and my screen broke. But if I were using a traditional glass film my screen would not have broken. PROTEK did not work?

WRONG! It is relatively common for people experiencing such a situation to have this perception.
As we said earlier, PROTEK has proven to add hardness to your 9H grade screen. Traditional glass films, although some cases have written on their packaging that have this hardness, is not true. Tempered glass has a maximum hardness of 6H. It is well known that most (not all) of the glass films sold in the market, actually have TPU plastic in their composition, and are not entirely glass. In these cases, the maximum hardness does not reach 5H.
Well. PROTEK still has a unique feature that is not available in traditional glass films. It covers and protects 100% of the surface of the screen while most glass films fail to cover the ends of the screens of the devices, leaving these spaces vulnerable to impacts.
Finally, we can affirm and guarantee the following: – If the cell had PROTEK applied on the screen and fell (regardless of height and how it fell), and broke its display, we GUARANTEE that if it had a traditional glass film applied, its display would also have broken, even with much greater damage.
PROTEK is at least 33% stronger than any glass film sold on the market, so in the case of a screen break with PROTEK applied; no other glass film would have offered a different result.

Can I apply PROTEK on the camera screen of the phone and also on the speaker and buttons?

Yes for sure. By applying PROTEK on your camera screen, it will offer the same RESISTANCE against scratches and impacts. It is also recommended to apply PROTEK over the front speakers and buttons because it has a water repellent effect, which means; if these parts are accidentally wetted, PROTEK will prevent water from entering your device.

What is the level of resistance of PROTEK, what does 9H hardness mean?

Once applied correctly, the tests resulted in PROTEK generating a hardness level of 9H and up to 6Kg impact per square inch. Higher impacts can create stress on the product and occasionally break or scratch the surface. See more about Hardness levels clicking here.

What errors during the application can cause a loss of efficiency of the product?

1. not thoroughly clean the screen with the alcohol wipe before each application.
2. Not wait the screen to dry properly after cleaning with the alcohol wipe.
3. Not wait the minimum of 06 hours of cure after apply the liquid.
4. Polish the screen with the microfiber cloth with excessive force. Just do it gently until screen is clean and shinning.

Is it possible to know if the product was correctly installed? Is it possible to identify if the product has been installed?

Certainly. In our technical laboratory we have a specific reagent developed by PROTEK itself, which when applied on the screen will show if the product was correctly applied under the whole surface of the screen or even if there is the presence of the product on the screen of the device.