Protek main advantages compared to regular screen protectors

1. Can be applied in several devices such as phones, glasses, watches, Tv’s and camera lens.

2. Can be sold at any sales point instead of specific shops.

3. Only one product fits all devices (doesn´t matter the brand, the size or the type)

4. Reduces resellers stocks and cash flow to handle hundreds of different models of regular screen protectors.

5. It ends with the losses of the resellers with obsolete inventories of models that have already gone out of line.

6. Increase incomes of those resellers that didn´t want to sell regular screen protector due to difficult of handling stocks and availability.

7. Easier to handle stocks and orders replacements due to One only universal product

8. Increase Dealers income due to possibility to sell more than one product to end user at once. Customer can buy and easy apply at home to his relatives or other devices.

9. Easy and fast to replace stocks

10. Keeps device good looking.

11. Makes Device Screen Easy to clean

12. Bubble Free.

13. Repells and Avoid Growing of Bacterias and Germs.

14. Reduces Ionic radiation emitted by the device.

15. Protect devices screen against water damage.

16. Product with warranty against manufacturing failure